by The Navidson Record

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released July 29, 2012

The Navidson Record is:

Zach Staska - Vocals
P.J. Presti - Guitar
Kayla MacNeil - Guitar
Anthony Tedeschi - Drums
Mat McDonough - Bass

"Ruffians" was recorded at The Office Recording in North Andover, MA. Recording and engineering done by Mike Moschetto & Oskar.

"Ruffians" album cover taken by photographer Hassan Havier with model Francois Verkerk.

Copyright © 2012




The Navidson Record Pittsfield, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Ruffians
Oh hallowed bones,
Oh this I swear.

Mercy, We've seen the face of God,
We've dug up the root of hatred.
We know why men are corrupt,
Mercy, we've seen the face of God.

Your grandparents were Church goers, so I,
I cut down your family tree, and I,
I wrote the scriptures on the bi-product
So I could read them at your funeral.
Your grandparents were church goers, so I,
I cut down your family tree, and I,
I carved a coffin from the bi-product
So they could attend your funeral.

Bury me in the Dead Sea.
Bury me on the Garbage Island.
Track Name: Enter the Rancor
How many scrapped planes would it take
To build a prison for running mouths?
I'm America's most wanted silent,
But baby you can keep me quiet
About as well as I can take a hint.
For me, the only right place/right time
Are the ones in my obituary.

Bear witness to the tragedy when you can,
Our lives breed anxious caskets.
I'm tying knotted finish lines,
I'm cutting my own chord.
Bear witness to the tragedy when you can,
We're all patched up grievances,
So change the channel to my replay while
I drown with my sorrows.

Take everything I have,
'Cause when I said I have love in my heart,
I was a fucking liar, I aint got much at all.

Bear witness to the tragedy when you can,
I'm no good at being patient,
But a hawk with hangman's talons
Will hold my breath for me.

I've been so bad,
I'm a sinner,
But I'm Godless,
And maybe I'll miss this place
When I'm in Hell.
At least I won't have
The false notion
That things get better from here.

God rest my soul.
Purple petals
Lead graveward,
And I've never loved anyone so much
As I've loathed for myself.
How do I marry skin to razor?
How will I know when my heart has stopped?
What do we do with the corpses of the
Men who couldn't cope?

Bear witness to the tragedy when you can,
I'm hellbent on being a lover,
But every time I've ever tried
Has dug another foot in the dirt.
Bear witness to the tragedy when you can,
What I need is a little stronger.
Even the shadiest bars in town
Won't sell me the right poison.

I'll leave an ugly stain
Of shame upon my family
In my last will and testament.
Track Name: Clockwork Orange Traveling Theatre
Bring me the lover.
Stage left, bring me El Chupacabra.
We have a lamb in the cast who
Needs to be reminded
Where she stands in this
Production, production.
She has no choice in the part that she plays.

This curtain is
The only hope she has left,
But it opens like her legs
When their hands scratch her skin.
Hungry, peering eyes
Not knowing what they're fed
Are gonna watch a girl die
Inside her own head.
A polite applause erupts from the balcony
And the boots of the players
Crush valentines as they take their positions.
She's bound to a chair in the
Center of the stage by a
Script that I wrote so I could
Highlight her mistakes for her.

One after the other,
They all lined up to take
Advantage of her mistakes.
They're killing her but the gag in her
Mouth holds back her cries
And in her heart she tells herself
That she loves them.
Oh how dearly she loves
Every single person
Pulling at her hair and clothes.
And the audience says...

We know not why this moves us,
We throw our roses to the stage.

We buried her the next day
Ten feet underground
With newspaper wrapping up her limbs.
On page seven they had a review of
The last night's performance.
"It was mostly mediocre,
But the end shocked the theatre.
You'll leave there half believing
That they actually killed her"
Track Name: Bronson
Are we not the wolves at the graveyard,
Whose lust is met by the rotting of flesh.
I see you dear, at the bottom of the...
Well, what do we have here?
Treachery dressed in the
Finest armored cars
This city has to offer.
This city has to offer.

Finally a curtain falls
And shrouds around the lives I've devastated
Spitting through my broken teeth,
This is the man you made me.

I can't accept the blame.
If I committed the crime, you'd fucking know it
I can't accept the blame.
I have a reputation to uphold
I have a reputation...

So ask me another question.
If I'll let you live this time.
You were born to suffer.
I was born to watch you die.

This isn't victimless.