Trillville Anthem

by The Navidson Record

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I’m not sure how I got here.
I’m miles away from home,
Showing up to a stranger’s house,
And there’s already people on the lawn.
Hot night in North Carolina,
And it sure ain’t dying young.
Though I can’t say the same for me
And this girl I’m eyeing from across the room.
Oh, well I’ll fix my gaze.
Girl, if I make it home tonight, you’re coming with me.

Well I’ve heard of southern belles,
And it’s about time I climb the clock-tower.
I’ve heard of southern belles
And it’s my turn to sound the alarm.

This could be the last sight we ever see.
This damn night will be the death of me.
But that’s okay so long as you help
Take my God damn life away.
This could be the last time I fall asleep.
This bed’s a grave with enough room for you and me,
And I would dream the sweetest dreams if you
Take these God damn blues away.

I’ve never been the fortunate son!

(Oh you didn’t know? Yo’ ass betta’ CALLLLLL SOMEBODYYYYY)

I’ll fly the flag of the party militia.
You should have checked on your fucking daughters.
I’m not afraid of a shotgun wedding,
‘Cause there’s no surviving tonight!

Who knew regret was such a strong perfume?
Who knew regret was such a strong perfume?
I can hunt you in the warm night air.
I can hunt you in the warm night air!
We can’t choose the bodies that we’re born in,
So let’s hide our shame in each other’s skin.


released September 28, 2012
The Navidson Record is:

Zach Staska - Vocals
P.J. Presti - Guitar
Kayla MacNeil - Guitar
Anthony Tedeschi - Drums
Mat McDonough - Bass

"Trillville Anthem" was recorded at The Office Recording in North Andover, MA. Recording and engineering done by Mike Moschetto & Oskar.




The Navidson Record Pittsfield, Massachusetts

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